Location: Zduńska Wola, ul. Łaska 
GLA area: 2 900 mkw.
Investment realized
Investor: Adept 2 Sp. z o.o. 

Retail Park E is located in the very center of Zduńska Wola, at the intersection of the main thoroughfares: Łaska and Piwna Streets, which have been thoroughly modernized by Adept 2 company by building a roundabout. The project is based on the premises of the present-day PKS Zduńska Wola, where the construction of two single-storey shopping facilities is planned.

The main tenants of the project are: a grocery operator ALDI and a footwear store CCC - the leader of the Polish retail footwear market and its largest producer in Poland. A sports store, a drugstore and a clothing store complete the offer.

Over 130 parking spaces have been designed for customers.


  • Park Handlowy E widok 1
  • Park Handlowy E widok 1
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